Watchmaking and Jewellery

We have been diligently and carefully repairing, buying, selling and maintaining watches professionally since 1882.

Since 1882


Watch Repair and Maintenance

We have been maintaining and repairing any kind of watch and jewelry for nearly 140 years in our workshop that conforms to Swiss standards.

Buy, Sell and Trade

We also offer certified expert services for the purchase and sale of high-end second hand watches.

Retail Sale

We collaborate with Europe’s leading companies on watches, cuff links, jewelry and accessories.

Watch Design and Manufacture

We also offer customized design services for companies or individuals on watches, jewelry and accessories.

A Family Tradition


We serve you with 139 years of experience

Timepieces are our passion

Swiss Standards

We proudly refurbish any kind of problematic watch to their original quality and function by melting the contemporary technology and conventional methods in the same pot at our workshop that conforms to Swiss standards certified by the most prestigious watch brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Bovet, Zenith, Ulysse Nardin, Graham and Tag Heuer.

140 Years’ Experience

Yörüten ve Oğulları’nın temelleri 1882 yılında büyük büyük dedemiz Ethem Bey tarafından İzmir Ödemiş’te açılan saatçi dükkanı ile atılmıştır. Antalya'nın ve tüm Türkiye'nin 1 numaralı saat satış ve tamir markası Yörüten ve Oğulları Saatçilik.

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